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How to make a mold?

Preparing the mold for your hair system is an easy procedure that can be performed easily at home and alone. All you need is a roll of transparent film that can be found in any supermarket.

It is possible to perform these quick and simple steps at home, without anyone’s help, in complete privacy.

Making a cast or a model is an optional method to order a custom hair replacement system with us. The goal is to measure the area you wish to cover up and its curvature. We will use this cast to make your custom unit, or it is the one you will use to trim your hair system according to your size.

Materials needed

  1. Permanent black felt tip pen.

  2. Scotch tape.

  3. Transparent film (used in gastronomy).

  4. Scissors.

How to make a perfect moldin a few minutes


Step 1

Having your dry skin and using a black felt tip pen, you have to draw on your head the shape and dimensions you wish for your hair system, every drawing is different and unique for every person.


Step 2

Then cover your head using a transparent film and keep its ends below your chin so that it is stretched in the drawn area. Once it is correctly tied and held, start painting the line you drew under the film again.


Step 3

This is the moment to apply the tape on the film, we suggest to apply 3 layers of tapes, vertically the first time, then horizontally and finally a last layer of vertical tapes

How to make a perfect moldin a few minutes



It is recommended using a default scheme for the first line. The reason is that a lot of adhesives manufacturers provide these contours, which can simplify the task of containing your hair system. Don’t worry if you think the default outlines don’t satisfy your needs and fell free to draw the most appropriate lines for you.


Step 4

Draw as shown in the picture below, the direction you wish for your hair (for a freestyle you don’t have to indicate anything). You can also draw your hair direction with the mold in your hands, so it is easier.


Step 5

Trim the surplus area from outside the mold so that it is as shown in the drawing.


If, instead, you don’t have time or don’t want to make and send a cast, you can send us length and width measures of your bald area.


For total systems, making a cast is instead not recommended, since it tends to deform.In this case 6 measures are needed and have to be taken following the picture below.

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